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Real Estate

Real estate remains perhaps the most reliable pathways toward sound investment returns. CLJ uses our network to source properties and development projects set for substantial appreciation and positioned to generate revenue. We research thoroughly and examine all sides of a potential real estate undertaking to prioritize projects and properties that make the most sense for our portfolio goals.

Over the course of history, we have all seen how property values consistently rise over time — particularly those properties set in prime locations, like high-traffic commercial crossroads or up-and-coming neighborhoods. It is common wisdom that one often does better to buy a fixer-upper building or residence in a promising area rather than a perfect condition properly in a remote or underdeveloped location.

We examine each of our potential real estate investments thoroughly and assess every factor in order to project, with the highest amount of accuracy, how a particular holding will generate income over the coming years.


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Equities and Startups


Like other investors, CLJ often buys and holds equities for the long term as a way to maximize growth, value, and dividend investing. Rather than leave stock investments in the hands of algorithms and automation software, we take an active role in researching and finding precise investment opportunities that promise to perform well and offer up an advantage in either growth, value, or dividends.

Our growth investing angle looks at startups who are rapidly scaling and poised for immediate and ongoing expansion. We look at the intricacies of developing businesses in select industries whose services display potential that points to this kind of trajectory and momentum.


Our approach to value investing involves purchasing the equities of companies that are undervalued but show themselves to be paying worthwhile dividends nonetheless — a great way to alleviate overall risk.

In our dividend investing strategy we seek to own equities that provide cash dividends to shareholders, looking specifically for companies who are set to heighten their dividend offerings. This move becomes a growth-focused method as we reinvest payments to leverage the advantage of compounding interest.

By investing according to these principals, CLJ is able to combine the best attributes provided by a variety of stock options and achieve a skillfully balanced portfolio.


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You might be at least passingly familiar with the world of cryptocurrency, but for the uninitiated, it’s among the fastest-growing markets on the planet. Millions of people from all backgrounds and walks of life are now involved with this financial system — but many have never learned the financial instruments used in its exchanges.

In the crypto sphere, individuals typically purchase assets via exchanges. The team at CLJ Capital Limited has made ourselves experts in how these exchanges actually operate and the instruments that facilitate them. This new and exciting field presents vast opportunities for investing, and for keeping pace with the currency and technology as they are developing.

We are working to use our knowledge to create a robust trading portfolio that continues to blossom and diversify, as our partner investors accompany us on the journey.

We implement the tried-and-true strategies used by many large institutions, along with approaches based in our own understanding of the crypto market and its patterns.

These strategies include choosing correct assets through both index investing and selection investing. Index investing chooses assets based on a highly calibrated  mathematical formula. The output of the formula determines how the assets will ultimately be allocated within the portfolio. Indexing strategies make use of an asset category, along with a particular weighting for each asset.

As an alternative, selection investing dispenses with the mathematical model and instead requires astute investors to hand select investments based on their own insights and observations. This can be an intense, time-consuming, and highly specialized process involving many hours of DYOR (Doing Your Own Research). However, it is  commonly understood that this method of investing offers some of the greatest advantages and highest rewards in the cryptocurrency space.