Project Granichstaedten Gasse 62-64

  • Real Estate
  • Revitalisation


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The project “Granichstaedtengasse 62” is based on a new construction purpose located in a good green area in the 13th district of Vienna and offers spacious terraces, balconies or gardens for all residential units. Also 5 parking spaces will be built. The advantage of being in a friendly and family environment makes it more valuable. A total of two semi-detached houses and four residential units with a usable living space of approx. 860 m² and 5 parking spaces will be built.

Moreover, the property has been acquired, the planning phase has been completed and the building permit has already been issued. The start of construction of the project is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2021, so that construction activities will most likely be completed by the 2nd quarter of 2023. The sale of the apartments is planned as a sale to end consumers after condominium establishment. The project was financed from bank loans of about 3,780,000 euro and equity finance of 135,360 euro.

Team Dedo holding is the partner who specialises in residential construction projects, and are expected to engage in the acquisition, construction and the sale to the buyers. For assurance of meeting standards, special attention is paid to the ecologically sustainable construction and the careful use of valuable resources.